Raid Revamp Open Beta

Hello everyone, after much delay, we’re here with a major update for the Raid Zone!

To open with the major news, we are officially entering into the Open Beta phase of the revamp. This means quite a few things. First and foremost, it means that The Raid Zone is open for business! (Technically…)

We open with our first set, Ultra Stormrage Mountain. Within the group, we have five distinct raids:

Stormrage Approach

Frozen Vault

Wildfire Plateau (LOCKED)

Cliffs of Thunder (LOCKED)

Eye of the Storm (LOCKED)

Though most of them may seem familiar, we’ve been working to make these events their own, unique experience. Although currently, only Stormrage Approach and Frozen Vault are available to challenge, we will unlock the other three Raids as the Beta goes on, with Eye of the Storm marking the transition into the first complete edition of the new raid zone. Throughout this beta, we will also be providing new systems, such as the Raid Shop.

Now, you might say, “But I haven’t participated in a Raid before!” Worry not, for a good part of our work has been to streamline Raids and make them less difficult for players to get into. The only requirements are that you have at least two FE mons to participate with. During the Open Beta, reffing will be limited to the following members:




Agender Nerd

These players can sub out for others, but will still strictly scrutinize games. Disqualification timer will be a strict 48 hours. We do not want johnning, and so those who do fail to keep this time limit will be ghosted by another willing player, and shall receive no rewards. Other rules and requirements will be as normal (2 mons per player, 2 APR, Items on, no subs) For the duration of the open beta, we will take Raid searchers in the separate thread located here.

To show our appreciation for the help, anyone who participates in the Open Beta will receive a special gift upon the release of Eye of the Storm! Be sure to partake in this event while you can!

In other news, we are pleased to announce a new type of currency: Raid Counters (RC). RC will be obtainable through completing Raids, and act as a single, simple type of counter to be used with the oncoming Raid Shop. You claim Raid Counters as you would any other type of currency when redeeming your raid rewards.

More news as to the other raids and any future events will be posted in the future as they are fully prepared.

Happy raiding, trainers!
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